About me

Mari Lova is an artist, drawing and painting teacher, graphic designer, participant of many exhibitions

Mari LovaI work in a wide range of artistic techniques: graphics, painting, photography, UV art, digital art, mixed techniques. The basic direction at present I consider for myself fluroart or magic flurorealism. Now I am most passionate about the game with color and light, and I want to share this enthusiasm with you

My subjects range from metaphysical research to realistic portraits. Creativity for me is an absolute, boundless freedom. It is here that I can make any experiments, change techniques, plots, styles. For me to be an artist is, first of all, to learn and experiment. Always, all my life. It is also an opportunity to present this world with a little beauty and literacy and to show people a different view of the environment, as well as other realities.


Professional experience

Graphic designer, art director

More than 15 years in graphic design. More than 1000 successful projects implemented. More than 150 satisfied customers (e.g. BurgerKing, ABInBev, Nestle, Hennessy, MTS, Ogorodnikov, EcoProduct, Lukashinskie)


She has been teaching graphic design for 7 years at the National Design Institute.
She taught drawing, painting and composition in her own project “Art School” for three years.


13 exhibitions, including 4 personal 13 art styles: UV acrylic, sound painting, invisible, art avatar, algraphy, Chinese ink, fluroart “beginning”, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, sketches, recycled art, pens, installations16 art-projectsTexture: Paradise Birds / Sound Painting / Mari-An / Ni-Ri-Ro / Art-Avatar / BookArchive: watercolor “SEALs” / Rada-Marie / Beginning / Gauges / Significant / Faces of God / Glass Art / Buddhist / Change / Proboskis sees Hahahami

Festival organizer

4 festivals: Way Ready / Shape of Life / Pure Power / Eighth Wonder
Usually I do an art program, design, SMM, promotion, coordination, or something like that, or all together