Artist statement

The main direction of my art is light-dynamic painting. I paint paintings with hidden meanings and the ability to perceive them on different levels. To do this, I use paints that glow in ultraviolet (UV) and
special UV and RGB luminaires. Due to this technique, the viewer can see different pictures on the same canvas in daylight and in UV lighting. And in RGB-the lighting changes its colors.

Basic idea
Create a new reality using colors outside the visible spectrum of colors. Show the invisible, push the boundaries of perception.

Why am I creating an artwork?
I like to create something new. I like to experiment.
I love art. It’s a territory of freedom.

How I create my own art
I come up with an idea, create digital collages, draw on canvas and start experimenting with color and picturesque techniques. I draw in daylight and switch to fluorescent light.
It’s an experiment with color and light. I ask myself, “What if…?” and I’m looking for he’s the answer in the process of creating the painting.

What I want to tell the audience
The world is beautiful. A lot depends on the point of view. The same thing looks different in different light. There is something beyond the visible. We can cross that line.

Creative plans
Creation of a series of works “Infinitely White”. When in daylight white is white, and in the UV light, white becomes black.


Mobile, WhatsApp +7 963 9997355 (Moscow) +43 660 8460703 (Vienna)

Instagram @artmarilova
Facebook @artmarilova